Medipro is designed for you not for the accountant;thus it is fast,simple,powerful and integrated with complete visibility and scalability

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Medipro embraces emerging technologies and works for development of the business as it is tailor-made software as per your company needs


Long term real-time support and free hands guidance from us who have been there since the start for solving problems the company faces

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Why Choose Us?

MediPro is the first domestic software company in Nepal to expertise complete business software for medicine business serving every aspects of business automation world since 1991 through its efficient professionals and beautiful minds

SQL database server restoring and retrieving data as requested by Medipro products which may run either on the same computer or on another computer across the Internet.
Medipro products are integrated system of different modules,which can be added or can be updated as per the company size. This is the software people love and used by those who thrive for perfection
Medipro automatically create account reports such as Balance Sheet,Inventory Reports,Profit & Loss Account,Statements,Ledger,Cashflow Sheet etc.
"Jack-Of-All-Trades,Focus on what we do best"

Latest Products

Specialized in the field of medicine business accounting solution to the Hospital Management System, MediPro also concentrates in the systems for Super market/Departmental Stores, complete Hotel Operation program along with other contemporary business solutions like HRM system.

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Visual Medipro

Billing, inventory control and accounting system integrated software product of MediPro in compliance (IRD) of Nepal Government.

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Hospital management

This version of Medipro contains multiple modules which can be integrated and used on Polyclinics,Nursing Home,Laboratory,IP Pharmacy

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Medipro other version

Medipro has diverse versions suitable for retailers,stockists, retail outlets,super-stockists,OPD Retailers along with Case-Losse and Float version,

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